When I was eighteen years old I got fucked for the first time. I wanted it too! My uncle Bobby caught me masturbating with a coke bottle in the barn. He pulled the coke bottle out of my pussy, and started sucking on it. Then he made me beg him to fuck me. While he was sawing his prick in and out of me he made me tell him what I wanted. When I told him cock, he asked how much. With his ten inch dick in my hot little hole I would have said or done anything. He wanted to know if I had ever fucked his brother (my father). When I told him no he said that he'd have to fix that. The thought of being hammered by Daddy's dick made me explode in my first real cunt crunching orgasm.


Jeff pulled her down and inserted his cock into her mouth,and the sight of that made Nick hard again. As soon as he was,he layed down and Nikki got on top of him and slowly slid downhis cock, grimacing at its large size. She was hot, wet and verytight. Jeff had bragged about her tight pussy, he hadn't beenlying. They took the clothes pins off her nipples, andshe rubbed her sore tits. The jiggled up and down as she slowlyrode him. She was just getting into it, bobbing up and down, big tits jiggling, nipples hard and swollen, and Jeff pushed her over,rubbed her ass with some oil of some kind and started to put his dick in her ass. She yelled strong protests, so Nick grabbed her and held her steady. She wimpered and yelled and her tits werehanging over Nick's face, so her starting squeezing and sucking them,and renewed their soreness. She started to like it though, and Jeff had stopped moving to accustom his virgin ass to him. She started rubbing her generous mounds over Nick's face and he kept telling her how big and gorgeous her tits and nipples were. She started pumping him again and Jeff took the opportunity to push into her ass. She screamed but then started riding it out. A mixture of pain and pleasure.


I had just come home from work and had let Rocco, my german shepard, out to the back yard to relieve himself. I remember feeling sorry for myself as I sat on the sofa moping. My boyfriend and I had broken up last month and it seemed that this time we would not be getting back together again. I came home one day and he was gone. He left a note apologizing for falling in lust with another woman and that I could keep the dog. I started thinking about all the love making we did. He was excellent at eating pussy. And could he fuck. Many times all night and in every hole in my body. I took off my panties and began to feel up my pussy. I stuck 1, 2 and then 3 fingers as deep as they would go up my snatch and with my other hand I savagely went at my clit. I was in a deep trance and could almost feel my "X" eating my pussy. I lifted my legs up into the air and spread them wide apart so he could also get to my ass. I could feel myself orgasm as I reached for his head and thrusted it up and down. I suddenly came out of my trance and realized that everything felt too real. Who was between my legs eating my pussy? Who just made me have an orgasm? And who's head was I holding between my legs? I opened my eyes and could not believe what I saw!!!

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